Portada “Zombi 2” en Dead Ends Magazine

Nueva portada para el último número especial (#1 reloaded) del legendario magazine alemán “Dead Ends” dedicado a “Zombi 2” (aka “Zombie Flesh Eaters”, aka “Woodoo Schreckensinsel der Zombies” ,aka “Nueva York bajo el terror de los zombies”).Para comprarlo aquí
New cover to the last special issue of the german magazine : “Dead Ends” .To buy it here

Portada “Halloween” en “Dead Ends” Magazine

Dead Ends Halloween Josef Mendez 03-2019

Muy feliz de tener mi vieja pintura de “Halloween” en portada del nuevo número especial (#3) del mítico magazine alemán “Dead Ends” dedicado a Halloween.Para comprarlo aquí
I’m Very happy to have my old “Halloween” painting to cover of the new special issue of the “Dead Ends” german magazine.To buy it here

Dead Ends Halloween Abril 2019

Info of the page :

“This edition does not count on the regular subscription circumference. Also subscribers need to order this edition!

30 copies of the strictly limited Halloween specials from the dead ends series are now available for pre-sale free. This offer is only valid for those who can’t come to #week, where the edition is exclusively distributed in collaboration with universal pictures and with numerous additional goodies. If interested, please send an e-mail to redaktion.dead.ends@gmail.com-taking into account the order takes place in the order of your order. There are two artwork variants for the complete envelope of the edition: either drawn or photographed. Price: 40 pages (ONLY 1 x advertising ;-)) including shipping € 12,00. Shipping takes place on 15.04., official launch is the 13.04.-good luck and happy Halloween!”